You don't understand. I NEED pie!

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i never expected it XD amazing

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Princess Bubblegum in number 6! yeah

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Welcome to night vale where the sun is hot and the moon is beautiful

Cecil and Kevin in pallet #5 Yay!
I love Cecil XD

I don’t know what i am doing with my life XD

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Team free will!

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This Vine gives me life

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viola from the witch’s house, a great game you all need to play (more then once)


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Reblog if you’re a self-taught artist.




Wanna see how many there are.

Same here

If by self taught you mean years of doodles, crying over your pathetic art, tearing up thousands of drawings and then finally drawing something you’re proud of… ONLY TO HATE IT 5 DAYS LATER

Then yes. I am self taught.

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My o.c. Panda and Kry

guess who’s who >:D

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You sang this in your head, too

what about adam?

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